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Hello, and welcome to the personal annex of my Etsy store!

Since I run this store personally, I can afford to offer the USB's at a lower price, however I don't get the advertising of Etsy, so help me out by sharing the store!


For those of you that are first timers, WELCOME!
I make all of these USB's myself so, it may take some time to get to your order - I am not a machine that cranks out products ;)

I can make and ship an order typically within a week, however I am a University student, so depending on what's going on, it may take longer.If I'm very swamped I will be selling just pre-orders.

~About me~
I'm a college student at UT Knoxville, studying Architecture.
I'm really into my anime, manga, and other geeky things.

If you are concerned with my ratings, check out my feedback on Etsy:
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